Great organizations have clarity in who they are as an organization.

A lack of cultural clarity results in departments, work groups, and individual employees across the organization moving in different directions and working against one another.

Great organizations have an identity that can stand the test of time. Specifically, they can answer what they do, why they do it, what's important, what makes them unique, and where they are going. A lack of clarity results in individuals, work groups, and departments moving in different directions and sometimes working against one another. 

This 4-hour course is designed to provide a framework and instruction on how to build a 1-page Cultural DNA Playbook for your organization.

Learn how to breathe cultural life into your organization! 

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What makes your organization unique?

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>>> In this 4-hour course, we'll include an overview and exercises related to the five questions: 
  • Focus
  • Purpose
  • Values
  • Competitive Strategy
  • Envisioned Future
>>> Benefits of Using the Cultural DNA Playbook within your Organization.

>>Recruitment  >>Hiring  >>Performance Management  >>Onboarding  >>Decision-Making  >>Meetings and more.

The Five Behaviors of a Cosesive Team Course

Question 4: Strategy – “How will we Succeed?” 3 Uniques

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