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The Big Sky Way

We are humble, hungry, and smart
In 2009, Dr. Eaton started Big Sky Way. to accommodate a growing International education, consulting, and performance coaching clientele. 
Dr. Eaton built his business around these same core virtues he learned farming and ranching with his family in Union Valley.
Today, Big Sky Way. is a celebration of these virtues, and woven into organizational development solutions for today's complex organization.

Dr. Chance Eaton

Management Consultant

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Jennie Dean

Marketing and Design Manager

The Big Sky Way Story

The Original 4 Virtues

In 1909, Charles Eaton homesteaded outside Lindsay Montana in the Union Valley, where the Eaton family continues to run a thriving corporate farm and ranch to this very day. Four virtues have helped the family succeed for over 100 years, including authenticity, hunger/grit, community, and growth mindset. These same virtues are the core of Big Sky Way’s education and organizational development services:

Authenticity — to survive and thrive in the early West, one had to be accountable and responsible for their actions, taking ownership of one’s life. They had to have a sense of purpose and direction to propel the psyche towards vision. They had to demonstrate integrity by following through with what they said they would do. These characteristics created a genuine person of substance, character, and humility.

Hunger/Grit — to survive and thrive in the early West, one had to have both the hunger and grit to push through obstacles and challenges they faced. They had to have a passion for their work, their families, and land. These characteristics created a person of assertiveness, determination, and excitement.

Thriving Together — to survive and thrive in the early West, one had to quickly realize they couldn’t do it alone. They had to work together as a community, giving a helping hand to their neighbor and accepting the same in return. They had to build trust with one another with a collaborative mindset, communicate effectively, and work towards a common goal. These characteristics created teams that were creative, collaborative, and economically/socially rewarding.

Growth Mindset — to survive and thrive in the early West, one had to envision a better tomorrow, whilst maintaining a grounding in the present. They had to gaze across the horizon, explore the possibilities, and anchor to an ambitious future. Their forward leaning mind set the stage for the new realities.

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