Stress is NOT the problem...  Self Regulation is the Solution.


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Resilient & Intelligent Energy Management with HeartMath Meditation 
is a training program that teaches individuals to manage their stress and emotions in order to improve their overall physical and mental well-being. The program is based on the idea that the heart is more than just a pump – it is also a powerful source of intelligence and can influence our emotional, mental, and physical states. Through a series of exercises and techniques, HeartMath training helps individuals learn to synchronize their heart rhythms and regulate their emotions, leading to improved focus, increased energy, and reduced stress.

One of the key components of HeartMath training is the use of heart rate variability (HRV) biofeedback. HRV is a measure of the beat-to-beat changes in heart rate and has been shown to be a powerful indicator of emotional and physical stress.

By providing individuals with real-time feedback on their HRV, HeartMath training helps them learn to identify and manage stress in the moment, allowing them to stay calm, focused, and energized even in the face of challenging situations. This can have a profound impact on overall well-being, leading to improved health, productivity, and happiness.
 >>> This course is intended for ALL employees <<<

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February 7 & 9, 2023
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In this 4-hour course, we’ll cover:

  • The Problem with Stress & Living in our Comfort Zone: Learn about the autonomic nervous system and how stress is not the core issue; the core problem is our inability to change or adjust our perceptions, reactions, and feelings. Self-regulation is the solution, and the skill of manipulating your autonomic nervous system is the solution.
  • Awareness: Explore your levels of stress and wellbeing with a normalized Stress & Wellbeing Assessment. Stress includes physical, work, relationship, financial, social support, and emotional responses. Wellbeing includes stress management, adaptability, resilience, and emotional vitality. Participants receive a free pre- and post-assessment. Further, learn how to organize your emotional states, and begin to listen to the cues that signal a call for action.
  • Science Based HeartMath® Techniques: Incoherent heart rhythms are the result of frustration, irritation, impatience, and worry; coherence heart rhythms are the result of appreciation, calm, patience, and confidence. Learn 7 HeartMath® techniques that manipulate your autonomic nervous system to disrupt the stress response, take control of your emotional states, influence biochemical states, mental performance, and system synchronization. Most important, learn how to train your nervous system’s internal baseline and comfort zones into new energy-efficient states for lasting change.
  • BONUS – Mindfulness Introduction. To add more tools to your Stress Resilient toolbox, learn the basics of mindfulness; a mental state achieved by a focused and non-judgmental awareness in the present moment.
  • BONUS – The Big Sky Way Online Resource Platform: Just like physical assets, learning and development depreciate over time if not reviewed and applied!  We want to continue the momentum and reduce learning depreciation with exclusive lifetime access to the Big Sky Way Learning Resource Platform! Never lose that momentum!
    • Pre-Recorded Lectures – All topics in the course are pre-recorded so you can come back and review when you need it most.
    • Exercises – 5 additional exercises you can practice creating further coherence.
    • Resources – combination of 4 eBooks and case studies to broaden your knowledge around cohesive teams.
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Balanced Wheel Exercise

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12 HeartMath Tools for reducing Stress & Staying Balanced

12 HeartMath Tools for reducing
Stress & Staying Balanced

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