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COURSE DATES: January 17 & 19, 10am-12pm

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January 17 & 19, 10am-12pm

>>> In this 4-hour course, we'll cover:
  • Overview of the DiSC® model: The DiSC® is a tool to improve self-awareness and workplace relationships.  You will discover your own DiSC® style by taking the DiSC assessment prior to the start of the course.  You will learn the dynamics of each of the DiSC® style types and see how they relate to your co-workers and others in your life.
  • Interpretation of personal tendencies: Explore how your personality style influences your overall workplace experience, your stressors, motivators, and how you believe others should function.
  • Effective communication with others: Learn to work within the different DiSC® styles to maximize the effectiveness of work relationships.  Participants will use the online Catalyst Platform as a comparison tool to reinforce what is covered in the course. Maximize the effectiveness of work relationships by creating strategies to overcome the challenges of working with different DiSC® styles. 
  • BONUS – The Catalyst Platform: All participants receive unlimited access to extended learning opportunities within the Catalyst Platform.  It allows participants access to on-demand insights about DiSC® and strategies for applying DiSC® to real-life and work situations.
  • BONUS – The Big Sky Way Online Resource Platform: Just like physical assets, learning and development depreciate over time if not reviewed and applied!  We want to continue the momentum and reduce learning depreciation with exclusive lifetime access to the Big Sky Way Learning Resource Platform! Never lose that momentum!
    • Pre-Recorded Lectures – All topics in the course are pre-recorded so you can come back and review when you need it most.
    • Exercises – 8 additional exercises you can take back to your teams and fold into your culture! 
    • Resources – combination of 8 eBooks and case studies to broaden your knowledge around personality.

Everything DiSC® tools are designed to help you understand yourself AND other people too. These solutions help you build more effective working relationships based on an understanding of different behavioral styles.

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