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Big Sky Way has inspired, welcomed and helped enable more people, many for the first time, to make positive changes in their businesses. Leading the organization is Dr. Chance Eaton, an accredited business consultant and educator who partners with the workplace communities to create collective impact.


A better way to learn

"This was by far the most impactful team building experience that I've been a part of. Chance is clearly a great facilitator with a deep knowledge of this subject area and an ability to guide the group, not in endless analysis but in applying the paradigm immediately to generate tangible results. Even after only the first day of training, I felt it already helped to shift the attitude in the office."

– Big Sky Way Client

"The Big Sky Way provided me with multiple practical means to improve my leadership immediately. I am very pleased and would highly recommend the Leadership Teams Certificate Program. Thank you Chance for the many new tools in my tool chest that I can implement to become a better, more effective leader and maximize my team's performance. "

– Big Sky Way client

"I loved how Leading Culture Certificate Program taught effective communication. It provided skills and examples that are tangible for employees to use. It also made me think about how working for the best interest of the group benefit me in the long run. Team work can be fulfilling and it is necessary for individual and company success."

– Big Sky Way client

"Chance's engaging style and down-to-earth nature combined with his incredible wealth of evidence-based research make the complicated task of improving the health of a group so much less daunting. These concepts are for implementing real change. It's clear that Chance has meticulously planned how best to apply these tools so that his clients can get the most out of his training."

– Big Sky Way client

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Your greatest strength can help you start a business. Still, at some point, you may be tempted to underinvest in your strengths, which is when they switch from your most significant assets to a hidden liability. As your business grows, you may need to invest in areas you never considered necessary in the past. 

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