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Leadership Entrepreneurship Culture


Embark on a transformative journey with Big Sky Way Leadership College, where humble, hungry, and smart humans discover the power of becoming a next generation leader.


Common obstacles.
If you are like most leaders, you struggle with common organizational obstacles.

Cultures fraught with siloing, politicking, turf wars, overwhelm, and lack of clear cultural DNA.
Team leaders unsure of how to lead in an era of shifting employee expectations.
Businesses unclear in their strategy, plateaued growth, and founders stuck in the ‚Äėowners trap‚Äô.

These obstacles result in turnover of high performers, disengagement, lost market position, and unfulfilling work experiences.  We believe every business has the potential to leave behind dysfunction and become a next generation organization.


Our Success.
At Big Sky Way College, our success has come from anchoring to simple. human. smart. educational and consulting solutions. Nothing fancy…nothing flowery…nothing vague, just solid knowledge, skills, and principles for the 21st century leader.

Simple. Old school common sensed topics and actionable tools that can be immediately applied to work and life.
Human. Down to earth and engaging content delivered to meet the client where they are at.
Smart. Nothing generic or full of fluff, just solid programs grounded in theory and research.


The 3 Facets of Leadership.
Leadership requires 3 perspectives.  If the business isn't performing, if the team leaders aren't effective, and if the culture isn't cohesive, organizational health is difficult and unlikely to be achieved.

Entrepreneur Leadership Culture

Our simple, human, and smart solutions are proven to work!

97% agree the education was a valuable investment in the future of their organization.

Consistent Product Net Promoter Scores (NPS) > 80%

96% implement the tools and education provided within 1 week of receiving the information.

Getting Started is Easy!

Re-Imagine!  Become the type of leader your team deserves and your competitor's envy!

"This was the first leadership class I have taken that truly felt applicable. Often, leadership classes fall more on the side of a motivational pep rally, but with Big Sky Way’s power toolkit, I have the ability to practice the skills learned in this class in my job and in my life."

‚Äď Big Sky Way Client

"Big Sky Way Leadership College has real world solutions for daily issues we all face in the workplace. The tools taught in this workshop can be used the same afternoon you learn that tool. Practical education for leaders at all levels."

‚Äď Big Sky Way client

"Big Sky Way’s Leadership College’s engaging style and down-to-earth nature combined with his incredible wealth of evidence-based research make the complicated task of improving the health of a group so much less daunting. These concepts are for implementing real change. It's clear that they have meticulously planned how best to apply these tools so that his clients can get the most out of his training."

‚Äď Big Sky Way client

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