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Healthy organizations create high-performing, engaged, employees.



I AM CURIOUS! TELL ME MORE! FREE GIFT! The Invisible Drain on Your Company's Culture

If your team is exhibiting any of these dysfunctions, please consider enrolling in our affordable, monthly subscription ASAP!  Your team will thank you.

I AM CURIOUS! TELL ME MORE! FREE GIFT! The Invisible Drain on Your Company's Culture

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It is essential for the success and growth of your team. 

WHEN:  Live, online training occurs every 3rd Wednesday of the month.
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Hand Curated Topics & Course Listings


Provide culture & well-being growth & development topics your team CRAVES!


Humans crave purpose & meaning in their life.

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Culture and well-being are a competitive advantage in the 21st century. When only a few team members participate the learning doesn't move throughout the organization. When an entire team or organization is learning the same language, the entire organizations can begin to move in the same direction.

12 classic and timeless topics we've found to be most impactful for our clients.

Based on years of consulting and education experience, we've hand curated topics we find to best help businesses and teams develop a healthy culture and lead a more resilient and healthy life.

2 years' worth of content broken into 12 classic and timeless topics.

Yes, and for good reason. Learning depreciates fast, and revisiting core topics is critical. We've found that when clients see a class topic multiple times over a period of time, they see the content with greater depth and deeper applicability. Since they are classic and timeless topics, the review only adds deeper understanding and connoisseurship. Eric Kandel, MD, Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2000 found that when new learning is established, the number of synaptic connections double. If not reinforced, the number of connections falls back to baseline. Change takes time and practice.

There are a variety of online learning subscriptions in the market today. Unfortunately, completion rates average in the 5% to 12% range for completion. The unique factor to BSW's education subscription is that the lectures are live and are supplemented with psychometrically sound assessments. As a result, the assessments take the learning to a higher level by personalizing the educational journey.

Super Easy! To add a new employee, simply register the new employe under the right membership level. To remove an employee, simply notify us and we'll remove the employee from the membership.

Life Happens!  If you miss a class, not a problem! We've got you covered! Each lecture includes a live recording and is available for 1-month after the live event. This way, if you miss something, you're able to watch the recording and at your convenience, get caught up, and jump back in for the next lecture! And remember, while you are a member you receive access Big Sky Way Online Learning Platform, which includes pre-recorded lectures for each topic. And most important, each topic will cycle back around every two years.

As a paying member, you receive free access to the platform, which includes:

  • Pre-recorded lectures to watch at your convenience
  • Exercises you can take back and use with your teams
  • Resources for further learning

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Add to Calendar 07/19/2023 11:00 AM 07/19/2023 1:00 PM America/Denver DiSC Part 2 PERSONALITY* Designed to provide participants with a deeper understanding of their personality traits and application for healthy EQ, communication, and team- work. Included Assessment: Wiley’s Everything DiSC® Workplace and Catalyst™ Platform. 6/21 & 7/19, 2023 Online



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