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Leading Culture

How do I start a cultural transformation?

Culture is often described as the personality of an organization, and explains ‘how we do things around here.’ The Leading Culture program provides research-based strategies and skills for how to best work together, build team cohesion, and develop clarity in who we are and what we do. Our goal is to kick-start positive culture in your workplace so you can activate team engagement, passion, and execution.
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Leading Teams

What makes high-performing teams tick?

The number one driver of long term organizational success is the team leader. This program provides research-based strategies and skills to effectively lead and manage your teams with a holistic framework proven to help your organization build healthy and effective teams. Our goal is to re-tool your leaders for the 21st century workplace.
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Leading Business 

How do I build a valuable business and escape the owner’s trap?

For a lot of entrepreneurs the driving force behind their business is the desire for freedom. The Leading Business program is about building value into your organization’s ecosystem so you can enjoy life-long abundance. This program provides research-based strategies and skills for small and medium sized businesses to deliberately build value and enhance future sellability. Our goal is to help owners build economic value while creating independence from their business. 
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