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Using Empathy to Build Trust


Today we're talking about using Empathy to build trust. Standing in someone else's shoes. People want their opinions to count. They want to weigh in.   

 Let's start with the idea of a Paradigm: a pattern/model/map of your mind and how you see the world. We see the world subjectively through our own lens. Our paradigm is comprised of values, beliefs, gender, age, race, politics, education, history, expectations etc...  

A mature person can recognize and honor their own paradigm. They are able to view the world through their own paradigm, but have the energy, respect and maturity to see someone else's paradigm. They hear what others have to say. Learn to see the world from someone else's paradigm.  

 An immature person sees their own paradigm and that's it. Other opinions don't count, they don't care for anyone else. It's really all about themselves.  


1: Reflecting: Rephrasing content back. Provides clarity. 

2: Pulling the String: Using the 5 W's and How 

These are two very easy techniques to use that are pathways to understanding someone else's paradigm.  

A lot of leaders really struggle with empathy. They have a hard time seeing from any vantage point other than their own.  When you have trust with others you can get a lot more quality work done.  

Practice some of these skills to lead your team to a better tomorrow.  

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