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In this New Era #WednesdayWords, we will compare the past and today. What do employees want in this New Era? How can we accommodate and flex? Take a listen for some clarity!

  • We want purpose.
  • We want to be challenged and stretched in our role.
  • We want a performance coach...not a boss.
  • We want ongoing dialogue.
  • We want to expand our strengths and work on our weaknesses.

We want a life...not just a job.


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Calculating Break-Even Point

#wednesdaywords Apr 08, 2022

Listen to our weekly nugget on how to calculate the break-even production point. 



#WednesdayWords #BigSkyWay #BigSkyWaymt #breakeven #breakevenpoint #calculatebreakevenpoint 

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Maturity Continuum

#wednesdaywords Mar 23, 2022

Ask yourself where you are on the continuum.  Watch others around you and see where they are. 

The ultimate goal is to get to a place of independence where collaboration, trust building, and abundant mindset happen.

Interdependence: "We" Highest Level of Maturity

  • Collaborate
  • Find Solutions Together
  • Learn how to Build Trust
  • Abundant Mindset
  • Good Listening Skills
  • Empathy
  • Appreciate Diversity in the Room

Independence "I" 

  • Control
  • Responsible
  • Sense of Purpose
  • Stand on own 2 feet
  • Practice Integrity

Dependence "You" Lowest level of Maturity

  • Attitude of You
  • Co-Dependency
  • Validation
  • Victimhood
  • Energy of You


#BigSkyWay #BigSkyWaymt #Maturity #Interdependence #Independence #Dependence #WednesdayWords #Goals #Goal #Teams #MaturityPeak

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Using Empathy to Build Trust


Today we're talking about using Empathy to build trust. Standing in someone else's shoes. People want their opinions to count. They want to weigh in.   

 Let's start with the idea of a Paradigm: a pattern/model/map of your mind and how you see the world. We see the world subjectively through our own lens. Our paradigm is comprised of values, beliefs, gender, age, race, politics, education, history, expectations etc...  

A mature person can recognize and honor their own paradigm. They are able to view the world through their own paradigm, but have the energy, respect and maturity to see someone else's paradigm. They hear what others have to say. Learn to see the world from someone else's paradigm.  

 An immature person sees their own paradigm and that's it. Other opinions don't count, they don't care for anyone else. It's really all about themselves.  


1: Reflecting: Rephrasing content back. Provides clarity....

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Touch Points to Build Trust

#wednesdaywords Mar 09, 2022
The more frequently we have quality touch points, the more those around us will feel part of our "in" group. As humans, we feel safe and familiar with those that are like us. There is a safe comfort zone and a feeling of being part of the tribe. Conversations are a demonstration of care.
Walking the Room
Emails/Phone Calls
Meaningful coaching conversation 1x per week with employees
To build trust we need to consciously focus on the touch points.
Connect with us! Each Wednesday we provide nuggets of information to help you in your business and life.
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DAM Goals....The Big Sky Way

#wednesdaywords Mar 02, 2022

The goal conversation helps us move to that new reality. If you as a leader can have these goal conversations with your team members, you will create accountability, clarity and momentum. 

Defining objective 

Action Steps 


#bigskyway #bigskywaymt #goalconversations #goals #clarity #accountability #momentum #team #teams #conversations #wednesdaywords

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#wednesdaywords Feb 16, 2022
We can choose our attitude.
We have the choice to change.
Stress is our bodies way of communicating.
Happiness is a skill.
#bigskyway #bigskywaymt #wednesdaywords #selfregulation #self 
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Top 10 Financial Ratios to Watch

#wednesdaywords Feb 09, 2022

Find out the Top 10 Financial Ratios you should be watching in your business.

  1. Liquidity
  2. Solvency
  3. Revenue
  4. Revenue Growth
  5. Gross Margin
  7. DSCR
  8. Profit Margin
  9. ROA
  10. ROE
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Cash Flow Projections

#wednesdaywords Feb 08, 2022

Today we're talking Financials.

More specifically, cash flow projections. Make wiser decisions and be ahead of the game.

Take a listen. 


#bigskyway #bigskywaymt #cashflowprojections #cashflow #financials #

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Customer Service

#wednesdaywords Feb 02, 2022
Customer service is so important! Your company can stand out from the rest just by following a few simple guidelines. Take a listen!

Customer Service Plan of Action

  •  Choose Your attitude
  •  Play: Have Fun
  •  Be There
  •  Make their day

Plus, it would be wise to develop a protocol for handling difficult customers.

#BigSkyWayMT #BigSkyWay #customerservice #BeUnique #wednesdaywords
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