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organizational health Feb 21, 2024

The health of an organization is a critical factor that directly impacts its longevity, adaptability, and overall success. Just as individuals prioritize their well-being, advocating for the health of the organization is paramount for leaders and stakeholders. In this article, we explore the reasons why it's crucial to actively champion and invest in the health of the organization for sustained growth and resilience.

 Foundation for Long-Term Success: Organizational health forms the foundation for long-term success. A healthy organization is characterized by strong leadership, engaged employees, effective communication, and a positive work culture. By advocating for and fostering these elements, leaders contribute to the development of an environment conducive to innovation, productivity, and sustained growth.

 Adaptability to Change: In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, change is inevitable. An organization's health is directly linked to its ability...

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Remote Management Tips



  • People want more of a human-centric work environment.
  • Engagement numbers spiked when people were able to work remotely.
  • People are willing to take a pay cut in order to work at home.


  1. Know your team and their personalities. Lean on any type of personality assessments.  We like to use the Wiley assessment to figure out where employees are strong and where they need additional support.  Comfort and trust in each other is so important, especially in remote environments.
  2. Continuous focus on engagement: We like to use the Gallup Engagement Assessment. Looks at the psychological needs of employees at work.  We know engagement is important because it has relationship with business outcomes like productivity, profitability, customer service, workplace safety etc..
  3. Drive Performance. This is your job as a manager. In a remote environment, some ways to achieve this are to have goal conversations....
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The Role of Business Acumen for Leaders & Small Businesses

business tools Jan 02, 2024

In the realm of leadership, the possession of business acumen is not just an advantage; it's a requisite for steering organizations through the complexities of the modern business landscape. In this blog post, we'll explore what business acumen is and why it matters.

Demystifying Business Acumen
Business acumen is the compass that guides leaders in making informed decisions. It encompasses a holistic understanding of the business landscape, integrating financial intelligence, strategic insight, and a sharp understanding of market dynamics. In essence, it's the visionary capability to perceive the interconnectedness of various business facets and make decisions that propel the organization forward.

Why You Need Business Acumen in Your Leadership Role

  1. Strategic Vision: Leaders with strong business acumen possess a strategic vision that extends beyond day-to-day operations. They see the bigger picture, enabling them to set long-term goals and align the organization's efforts...
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Calculating Break-Even Production Point

Uncategorized Dec 20, 2023

Being able to calculate the break-even point is an essential part of doing business. Dr. Eaton breaks it down for you! Check it out!

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We invite you to tap into Dr. Eaton's expertise as he navigates essential planning tools, paving the way for success in your personal and professional pursuits.

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Transforming Company Culture Through Continuous Development
In today's workplace, a positive company culture is crucial for success, and microlearning is a key tool in shaping this culture. This innovative education approach not only transforms how employees learn but also deeply influences organizational culture. The fast pace of business change demands continuous upskilling, leading organizations to prioritize learning and development. Microlearning, along with personalized development plans and mentorship programs, is gaining traction, signaling a move from episodic training to a continuous learning journey, ensuring employees remain agile amid evolving challenges.

Understanding Microlearning in the Context of Company Culture
Microlearning is a learning strategy that involves the delivery of small, targeted pieces of content, often in the form of bite-sized modules. These short learning bursts are designed to meet specific learning objectives and can be easily consumed, making...

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Cultivating Success: Unveiling the Power of Organizational Culture

culture Nov 21, 2023

In the realm of organizational excellence, the words of management guru Peter Drucker ring particularly true: "Culture eats strategy for breakfast." While strategic plans and objectives certainly play a crucial role, it's the organizational culture that holds the real transformative power.

Understanding the Power of Culture
Peter Drucker's iconic quote encapsulates a fundamental truth – no matter how well-crafted your strategy is, the culture within your organization will ultimately shape its destiny. Culture is the invisible force that influences how people work together, make decisions, and respond to challenges. It's the heartbeat of an organization, determining whether strategies succeed or fall short.

The Breakfast Table Analogy
Imagine your organization as a breakfast table. Your strategy is the meal meticulously planned and prepared, representing your goals, objectives, and action plans. But, just as breakfast is often accompanied by a variety of cultural nuances...

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How to Avoid Post-Sale Regrets: A Conversation with Dr. Sherry Walling

This week on Built to Sell Radio, we're excited to feature a special episode with clinical psychologist, speaker, and author, Dr. Sherry Walling. Dr. Walling is renowned for her work with entrepreneurs, aiding them in navigating the mental and emotional hurdles of building and exiting a company. 

In this special edition of Built to Sell Radio, you’ll learn how to:  

  • Distinguish between your identity vs. your activity. 
  • Navigate the highs and lows of selling your business. 
  • Discover why Dr. Walling recommends unplugging post-sale and her specific advice for the first six months after selling your business.
  • Understand the neurological constraints impacting founders' decision-making abilities when exiting.
  • Tackle the unique challenges of financial wealth by seeking out and connecting with a like-minded tribe.
  • Put into action Dr. Walling's proven strategies to sidestep post-sale regrets and confidently move forward after selling your company....
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The Founder of Vimeo, CollegeHumor.com, BustedTees, and TeePublic on Building Valuable Companies

Built to Sell Radio is a weekly podcast for business owners. Each week, we ask a recently cashed out entrepreneur why they decided to sell, what they did right and what mistakes they made through the process of exiting their business. Built to Sell Radio is the ultimate insider's guide to approaching the most important financial transaction of your life. 

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May 18, 92 minutes.

Josh Abramson has an impressive track record of building valuable companies. In 1999 Abramson started CollegeHumor.com, and before he could even graduate, Abramson received an offer of $9 million for the website. Abramson went on to start the popular video-sharing website Vimeo and apparel company BustedTees.com, selling his collection of companies toBarry Diller’s IAC/InterActiveCorpfor a reported $20 million in 2006. 

After a short stint spent reporting to Diller, Abramson left IAC and started TeePublic, an innovative online marketplace that serves as a platform for artists and...

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How to Steer a Drifting Culture

Gallup Workplace
SOURCE: https://www.gallup.com/workplace/397034/steer-drifting-culture.aspx?utm_source=linkedin&utm_medium=p_social&utm_campaign=li-wk_culture-us-legen&utm_content=051923

In recent years, definitions of work culture -- "how we do things around here" -- have changed tremendously. Many aspects (e.g., processes, technology, workflows, training) are morphing as leaders adapt to global pressures and new employee expectations.

Some shifts are obvious, such as dramatic changes in where employees work. However, most culture change is subtle, slow and difficult to define. For example, culture change might manifest as:

  • differences in onboarding experiences and how new hires form relationships
  • shifts in team structures and workflows due to external pressures, such as supply chain concerns
  • new communication norms aimed at keeping hybrid employees connected

Culture drift may...

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Inside Nasdaq’s Acquisition of Quandl: Lessons on Timing and Negotiation for Entrepreneurs

In 2011, Tammer Kamel launched Quandl, a company that provided investors with data designed to give them a competitive trading edge. For example, Quandl offered subscriptions that let investors access private jet flight information for public companies as a predictor for M&A activity.  

By 2018, Quandl had grown to 75 employees. Kamel saw industry giants entering the space, but knowing the time and capital investment it would take to build a competitive offering, he believed they would prefer to acquire Quandl. 

Kamel began shopping the business around, and shortly after, Nasdaq acquired Quandl for a life-changing sum. In this episode, you’ll learn how to:  

  • Weigh the pros and cons of raising venture capital.  
  • Compete with a giant with a stranglehold on your industry.  
  • Negotiate the sale of your business with a direct competitor (without giving away your secrets).  
  • Pinpoint the ideal time to sell your...
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